Madeleine and Thomas: brother and sister photo session

I had the pleasure to photograph two great siblings recently: Madeleine, age 4, and Thomas, age 2. They were both very patient and eager to participate in the photo session, just not necessarily both at the same time. They are beautiful and cheerful children, and we made it work nevertheless.

We talked bubbles, candy, hula, gymnastics and music. There was also a Hawaiian musical instrument involved, the name of which I had to google just now because somehow I couldn’t remember these three letters… For everybody who, like me, has no knowledge of the intricacies of hula: an ipu is a traditional percussion instrument made from gourds that is often used to provide a beat for hula dancing. Voilà, every photo session teaches me unexpected things.

siblings in Hawaiia toddler's portraitlittle kids' hugHawaiian girlkids at the beach

Hula girl with an ipu
Madeleine danced hula, sang in Hawaiian and played ipu. Pretty talented four-year-old!

Big thank you to Thomas and Madeleine’s mom for preparing the kids beautifully for their photo session!


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