Back to school memories

This Friday my daughter is starting 2nd grade. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that I am a mom of a second grader, it is just one of these inexplicable mysteries of the universe, like dark matter or fermi bubbles…

Anyway, for the occasion of the start of school year, I took some photos of my little student that I would like to share with you.

girl with flying books

I would also like to go back in time for a moment and think about what the first day in school meant for the little me (who is probably getting ready for school at this very moment in some parallel universe, smelling her new textbooks and leafing through them, excited for all new things that she will learn). I remember how fun it was to get school supplies: pencils, pens, erasers, paints, crayons – all these new colorful things just for me! How exciting it was to have textbooks full of information and readings, literature, notes, numbers, images. And how proud the little me felt to be a second grader, to be a year older, smarter, ready to learn and understand even more. Seeing my school friends again, meeting new teachers, learn new subjects – these were things that I was still looking forward as a child.

school student

It was this special time of year that still smells like first days of school in Poland: when the days are getting colder and the autumn wardrobe is being pulled out of the closet and dusted off. Chilly wind, warm sun and colorful leaves in parks and alleys were the background for the excitement of the start of school time. The weather we call Polish Golden Fall – maybe the most picturesque time of year that I have yet to photograph.

school student

I am wondering how my daughter will remember beginnings of the school year. We are now living in hot tropical weather, fighter aircrafts are buzzing above our heads, pigeons walk around in open classrooms and our go to footwear are flip flops. Quite different from my childhood experience…

How about you? How do you remember your first days of school year? Go ahead, leave a comment and share your school experience.


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