Katie’s portrait photo session

Studio photography is not usually something I am drawn to and the reason is quite simple and a little bit embarrassing: my knowledge of studio lighting is limited at most. This is my weakness now, but I am pretty confident that there will come a day when I’ll decide to tackle the subject with determination and vigor. Meanwhile, I live in Hawaii and dull backdrops and technical aspects of studio lighting is not on my priority list.

However, I did a studio photo session this week and look at the results. Who cares about the background when you work with such a beautiful model!

glamour portrait photo

Katie is an amazing, genuine and radiant woman. Until recently, she worked as a hair stylist and she was great at it, but please don’t contact her in this subject, she “retired”. She is also a blogger and you can follow her hawaiian adventures at http://marriedtoredwhiteandblue.blogspot.com/. You can learn a lot about different places on Oahu and beyond there, this girl is an uncontrollable explorer.

studio portrait photo    woman's studio portrait

Katie is also a mom of a tiny little girl Emma, soon to be 6-months-old, who joined her excursions around the island. And her glamour photo session too.

mommy & daughter

Thank you, girls, for a fun shoot!


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