Exist in photos

Women often asked me to take photos only of their kids, mostly because they didn’t feel good enough to be a subject of a family photo. Not slim enough, not glamorous enough, not “beautiful” enough. Harming cultural standards creeped into such a private and important sphere as family memories, keepsakes and legacy.

Ladies, your children don’t want you to look like a glossy magazine cover. They need you as you are, real and wonderful,  and they need you in family photos, because they will look back at them and remember your unconditioned love that enveloped their childhood. Even long after you’re gone. You are never going be perfect in your own eyes, but you are already perfect in theirs.

So step in front of the camera and just focus on a beautiful and sometimes nerve-wracking relationship with you beloved kids. Glammed up or with zero make-up, exist in your family photos. Like Katie.

mother daughter

mom and baby

mommy and baby

mommy and me

mommy daughter


mommy daughter


2 thoughts on “Exist in photos

  1. Marta, well said!!!! I think the pictures you took of my kids turned out amazing but you’re right, memories of all of us together is just as priceless. Hope your calendar is open in March!


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