How watching tv shows inspire me to create

It all started with Netflix binge watching. Hours spent in the world of Peaky Blinders and Boardwalk Empire started in me a curious and short-lived infatuation with the roaring twenties. Prohibition, jazz age, birth of Hollywood, the Fitzgeralds, flappers and “The Great Gatsby”, followed by Al Capone, gangsters’ rule and Ku Klux Klan’s resurgence, everything seemed fascinating and cried to be reworked, remodeled and deejayed in some way.

First I thought it would be done by throwing a themed party, I even got some roaring twenties posters and signs (hopefully they will be used in the future, they are pretty cool), made up a secret knocking code and researched the appetizers “de l’epoque”. Unfortunately this little scheme didn’t come to fruition and my party props ended up in a box. And then I found this amazing location – a gem hidden between palm trees and plumeria trees: old trains, steam locomotives and freight cars. I never thought old rusty engines can give me so much joy, but apparently the need to express my awoken creativity was getting stronger and hungrier. So I convinced my little family to put on some gatsbyian outfits and followed me almost 100 years back in time.

Here are the results, take a look and tell me what you think. And meanwhile I am off to see what’s new on Netflix.

 a gentleman at the train station

little flapper's kiss by the locomotive

flapper and gentleman

flapper's dance

a little girl and her dad in the twenties

little flapper

A gentleman and his little flapper daughter



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