Why I don’t enjoy hot summer weather.

After over 3 years in the tropics, I was impatient to experience this famous Seattle weather everybody was talking about: rain, clouds and general gloominess. Every TV show and movie happening in the area is painted in gray tones, with heavy rains in the background (I recommend “The Killing” on Netflix, if you haven’t watched it yet – great plot and characters), and instead I was welcomed by heat waves, record high temperatures and a sizzling weather carnage. Now that’s called disappointment…

So when it cooled down a little bit last weekend, we finally went out to explore on foot our new city. Sun hidden behind the clouds, cool air on our faces, and a drizzle here and there, we strolled through the streets to discover some weird (Fremont), eclectic (Pike Place) and quiet (Olympic Sculpture Park) spots.

Waterfront walk, smell of the sea.

Each day we set ourselves a goal to achieve: on Saturday it was finding a store with a nice records selection and making mussels dish, and on Sunday – getting French cheese for la truffade for dinner. We found a lot more than that though: from the strangest vintage mall to a free Shakespeare play on the grass under the Space Needle.

Pike Place
Hallmark of Pike Place Market.
We couldn't decide which glasses are the coolest...
We couldn’t decide which glasses are the coolest…
.. but I think that's the winner
.. but I think that’s the winner

modern sculpture

Air mail – perfect Sunday drink!
The little one is refusing to eat seafood, so more mussels in curry broth for us!

All in all, it was a great weekend that would never happen in a hot and muggy summer weather, and this is exactly why I enjoy cool, grey and slightly wet aura. So bring it on, Seattle, bring it on.


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