End of a chapter

I thought about reviving this blog for months. I left Hawaii, I stopped photographing kids and families and I started new life in Seattle, but I still wanted to keep this part of my days: colorful images of happy children in beautiful surroundings.
Little did I know about dark winter months in Washington state. It is dark when I leave in the morning and it is dark when I come back. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but my Hawaiian photo adventure has definitely ended. A lot of rain, but no more rainbows.
Time to start a new chapter, and what’s the better time than the start of a new year? I finally decided to go back to blogging, but in a new place: AngstSolution.com. It will be more personal little venture and I am excited to dive into a blogosphere again.
I am also starting a blogging project with my husband, who is a great writer and an experienced hiker. Two-pines.com will focus on our exploration of Pacific Northwest trails and hikes, our journeys and lessons, and we would love to exchange ideas with other explorers and outdoors aficionados.
It will be a fun year.
cooper river-10

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